Research about plastic recycling

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Plastic Recycling
What should we do with our plastic rubbish?


1. Introduction

The task for the students was to write about a topic that interested them, and to apply the learned knowledge and skills in connection with the course information literacy.

First step was to get an idea of what to write, therefore brainstorming was the adequate method. With the gained information an own mindmap was created.

Underneath, we can find both brainstorms, according to those brainstorms the topic has been chosen.

Then the research question was formulated: “What should we do with our plastic rubbish?” Furthemore three subquestions were formulated: “What is the current situation of plastic pollution?” “How can we recycle our plastic rubbish?” and “Which are the best possibilities to recycle plastic?”

The purpose of this research is to find out the damage that is caused by plastic rubbish and how to avoid it. Plastic rubbish is a global problem and affects us all. This research will be based on secondary research, so by existing literature.

The following chapters describe the findings of this report. Firstly it explains the search plan, made to lead the research. Secondly summaries of two main articles will be given and judged upon their professionalism due to the help of the CARS checklist. A literature review of one of the summarized reports will be given. The report will also contain a chapter about plagiarism and research ethics, which are very important to remember while writing a report. Finally the last chapter “discussion and conclusion” summarizes the findings of this report.

Table 1:Samuel Thönnes, course Information Literacy.


Table 2: Samuel Thönnes, course Information Literacy.

2. Search plan

1. Search question: What is the current situation in plastic pollution? How can we recycle our plastic rubbish? Which are the best possibilities to recycle plastic?

2. Search terms: plastic rubbish worldwide, problems of plastic rubbish (worldwide), Recycling methods for plastic, most effective recycling methods for plastic, plastic recycling process, innovative plastic recycling methods

3. Information search method: internet search engines (google, bing), internet library HZ

4.Information sources used: scientific articles, reports, websites

3. Summary of the article “Global declaration on plastic pollution”.

Nowadays people are in permanent contact with packages, bottles, toys and a lot more products consisting out of plastic. Most of the products end up as rubbish after the first hour they have been bought. About the question what is happening to the plastic once it is thrown away, hardly anyone is thinking. The answer is simple, the plastic is coming back to cause even more damage. The way it comes back hardly anyone can imagine. It is coming back through our food chain, to fulfill its task, causing diseases to animals and finally to human kind, which is last in the food chain.

For the last 60 years society has been using plastic in a wasteful way, with little concern in which ways this valuable, important and useful product can properly be disposed or recycled.

The results are catastrophic, between 60 to 80 % of marine debris are in direct connection with plastic products. In the 5 largest gyres of our oceans enormous quantities of plastic are concentrated, with enormous consequences for the animals that live in the ocean. The consequences are going further to the food chain and human health. (Catto Fellowship Program, 2012, p.2)

Plastic is not biodegradable, its decomposing into micro particles. Those...
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