Basic Steps in Writing a Documented Paper

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The writing of a documented paper requires some basic steps: choosing a topic, brainstorming, outlining, researching and writing. We must follow these steps in order to write a good documented paper. The first step is choosing a topic. When we are going to write something, we have to think of a topic which interests not only the writer but also the reader. A topic can be debatable, a topic about a current issue or a topic we would like to know more about. Once we have selected the topic, we have to brainstorm about it. We have to think of the ideas that will help us to develop our topic, any idea related to the topic might help. It is important to have as many ideas as possible to develop a documented paper. After selecting all the ideas to write the documented paper, we write the outline. We organize the ideas following their order of importance. We write the title of the essay and then the topics we are going to develop in the documented paper. Each topic may have subtopics which help develop the essay’s main ideas. In the outline, we must include an introduction and a conclusion as well. The fourth step in writing a documented paper is to do research. We have to select all the sources (internet based, books, magazines, articles, etc) that will help us support our ideas. It is also good to interview specialists on the subject. The last step in the writing of a documented paper is writing. Once we have gathered all the information we need, we have to start writing. We have to use the information we researched about and support our ideas. We have to write as many drafts as possible till we feel confident in what we have written. We may ask other people to check grammar errors and punctuation and to read the paper carefully to see if we have developed each topic well, or if we have left out some important aspects we had to consider. If we follow all these steps, I think we can write a...
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