Topics: Pharmacy, Accuracy and precision, Reliability Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: May 28, 2014
7. Measurement methods:(should be used in JC form as a strength or weakness) a)are the physiological measures/instruments/tools clearly described? Yes, collect data and record, Medication errors were identified after review of all orders during the study period and then further classified as potential ADEs, medication prescribing errors (MPE), and rule violations (RV).

b)are the techniques to administer, complete, and score (or accuracy and precision) the instruments provided? Yes, All medication orders were included in this analysis except for the following: fluids, dialysate, total parental nutrition (TPN)/ lipids, and chemotherapeutic agents. TPN and lipids had not been added to the CPOE system at the time of the study. Fluids, dialysate, and chemotherapy orders were entered in the CPOE system but will be evaluated at a later date. A designated clinical pharmacist reviewed all eligible orders. Errors were entered into a database that included information such as patient name, age, weight, drug, presence of error, dose, interval, and route. Errors were identified and further classified into categories on the basis of the definitions and classifications listed and reviewed for accuracy and relevance by a second clinical pharmacist. A physician reviewer independently evaluated all original medication orders for 10% of randomly selected patients in both the pre-CPOE and post-CPOE groups to determine level of agreement with clinical pharmacists. AS the article is valid and reliable, is accurate and precise.

c)are the reliability and validity of the instruments described? Did the researcher examine the reliability and validity of the instruments for the present sample? Yes, they measured both validity and reliability.

Validity: CPOE resulted excellent validity associated with medication ordering. CPOE resulted in a 95.9% (P _ .001) reduction in all types of errors associated with medication ordering. Article shows a significant reduction...
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