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Medical Futility Internet Research
Hyomin Kim
Azusa Pacific University

Medical Futility Internet Research
No matter how advanced technology has become within producing new surgical technology, it is inevitable that health care professionals still face such deficiencies in effective treatment for patients.. When a physician realizes that the treatment is not beneficial or can be harmful to his or her patient, the physician may want to withdraw it from the procedure. Professionals can face the moral dilemma of medical futility, because the patient may want to continue treatment in hopes of experiencing a cure or miracle. The whole process related to medical futility is challenge not only to physicians but also to the entire health care professional team members. For such reasons, because the nurses are spending most of their time with the patients, the nursing roles become extremely important when medical futility comes up. The objective of this internet research focuses on what a nurse’s role is in order to assist the patients, family members, and other multidisciplinary members while they face medical futility. Generally, if employees have high job satisfaction results from a positive working environment, appropriate workload, and less stress related to work, such aspects can provide satisfying outcomes. Achieving high job satisfaction can be important because it can help the employees to provide better quality of services to their clients. It can be applicable to nurses and their quality of services. Thereby, for nurses, high job satisfaction is crucial to provide much more supportive or better quality of health care services. The question becomes how medical futility upon how nurses deal with influences on their services or job satisfaction, which is invoked by Ozden, Karagozoglu, and Yildirim . The authors assume that the large amount of stress related to medical futility can influence nurses’ job satisfaction....
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