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Dissertation Proposal Defense





Dissertation is one of the requirements for PhD students in every university across the world. The event I recently attended was about how to write a good PhD dissertation. From the event I was able to lean the contents of a dissertation and how a dissertation is approached by a learner. The event was a good platform for me to get a good idea about dissertation. This is necessary for me to get prepared for my dissertation projects in later years of my education. Furthermore, the project enabled me to appreciate the necessity of a dissertation for a university PhD education. As such, I have got a special interest in pursuing my education and be able to undertake the task of engaging in dissertation project.

In the event, I learnt that a dissertation is a paper or project written by students to support and extent a research project so as to find out a solution to a given problem or to address a given project. This is important to university PhD student because it enables them to prepare for research and problem solving in their later involvements in life after school. In a dissertation, one is able to support his/her claims based on evidence from empirical or theoretical models developed by past researchers (Thomas & Brubaker, 2000). I also learnt that in a dissertation a student may not necessarily compelled to agree with past research as long as he/she is able to support her argument with strong evidence from either secondary or primary research. In fact, a research is all about originality, creativity and being analytical. A good dissertation is achieved if a student undertakes thorough research prior to the exercise. In this case, preparation is an important consideration. The PhD dissertation event also enabled me to understand that a dissertation requires a good choice of topic if the topic is not provided by the instructor. One should choose a topic that interests him/her...

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