Requirements of Sdi in Climate Change

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Question: Write an essay on any one of the following topics whichever you like the most in about 1500 words. 1) Requirements of SDI on climate change 2) Application of SDI on Land Administration 3) Application of SDI on Urban planning 4) Application of SDI on Disaster Management

Requirements of SDI on climate change
Climate change is the greatest social, economic, and environmental challenge of the present time. And the issue of climate change in current situation is major. With climate change over time adverse effects have been occurred like increasing melting rate of ice, glacier movements, sea level rising, shifting of vegetation, affection on coastal area, ozone layer depletion and decreasing rate of crop productivity etc. Since the issue of the climate change has no boundary it is global issue and is concerned with all over the world and so needs data from all over the world. So we have seen that some mechanism is essential so that these issues can be analyzed and interpreted for supporting planning and decision making process by taking data from different countries. And this might require compatible formats, standard mechanism and interoperable system between data existing on different places.

As mentioned above in brief some mechanism is required so this mechanism can be facilitated by Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) which has been defined as building block of institutional framework, policies, technologies and data requirements to enable spatial data to be used. Researchers working in the field of climate science argue that the issues of regional climate change are as complicated as global issues. And we are familiar with different types of SDI like Global, Regional, National, State and Local etc. Here the issue is the climate change which is global and is complicated in the sense that the data related to different countries are essential so that analysis and interpretation can be easier. For that data is one of the most important component and users are all the countries because they all are facing this issue or any organization/intuition which is related to this issue like Jet Propelsion Laboratory (JPL) of NASA. One important mission has also been launched like GRACE mission for detecting the future condition which uses the satellite data.

To understand the concept we can consider three countries Nepal, India and Bangladesh. Nepal is topographically undulated area ranging from himalayan, hilly to terai regions. It consists of several mountains like Mt. Everest, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri etc which are surrounded by snows, ices etc and with increasing temperature (climate change) the melting rate of ice and snow has also been increasing. The effect is directly appears in terai regions of Nepal but also increases the Indian sea levels and finally might cause flood in Bangladesh. Here melting of ice in Nepal has not only affected to Nepal itself but neighboring countries also get affected. So the theme here is if the flood is to be estimated in Bangladesh or sea level is to be measured in India the data of snow melting rates, precipitation etc of Nepal is required for either of countries. So some mechanism is essential among the countries which should be standard, interoperable (can share data for one another) not only that but should have less cost for easy and efficient access.

Many climate models have been developed to monitor climate change and its future impact. Spatial information is especially important for climate models as it offers a great capacity in both spatial and temporal dimensions to project climate change. Furthermore, a collaborative input from a wide range of stakeholders is needed for justification of and adaptation to climate change issues. Hence, the development of SDI offers great potential to study climate change at regional level. The...
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