My Favorite Singer

Topics: Planet, Natural resource, Earth Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Name: Josua Gregory Silaen
Student Number: 1006703452
Faculty & Class: Mathematics and natural Science

1.Title of the article: TAKING RESPONSIBILITY
2.Author(s): The Jakarta Post Weekender Magazine, July 2007 3.I choose this article because I care about the condition of this earth, especially about condition of climate change today; I want to know much more, how the people have a big deal about this problem, search the best solution, and different view from this article, so it can enrich my knowledge.’s about why we must take responsibility. The main problem is earth going to in worse condition, climate change which has a big effect to all occupants on the earth isn’t a part of natural cycle but it is caused by human, especially industries. Some immoral thing that industry done are fishing industry, the practically renewable resource industry and nonrenewable industry, because they exploiting resource not care about the future because that comes first is a profit that will be made. Some solutions are given about it for example selective logging. 5.As person who has living on the earth, have a responsibility of leaving this planet in acceptable to our next generation who will inherit our environmental assets as well as our planetary liabilities. Industries that take nonrenewable which can resource have a moral duty to develop alternatives to replace the resources they are exploiting. 6.People’s who has a big role on the earth must care and keep it as well as our planetary liabilities. It must be a hard obligation to get for who was destroy and damage the earth, but not just the industries can do some action for this problem, but we can keep it with our way, although it just a little way, but can be a big effect for our planet.
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