Required Skills of a Systems Analyst

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Leonard Marshall
Bob O'Brien
October 7th 2012

Required Skills of a Systems Analyst

A systems analyst is someone who solves business problems using information system technology. Problem solving means looking into the problem in great detail as well as understanding everything about the problem, generating several alternatives for solving the problem, and then picking the best solution for the company. Information systems are usually part of the solution, and information systems development is much more than writing programs. (Systems Analysis and Design, 31).

The analysts approach to problem solving is as follows:

- Research and understand the problem.

- Verify that the benefits of solving the problem outweigh the cost.

- Define the requirements for solving the problem.

- Develop a set of possible solutions.

- Decide which solution is best to make a recommendation.

- Define the details of the chosen solution.

- Implement the solution.

- Monitored to make sure you obtain the desired results. (Systems Analysis and Design, 5).

These problems solving skills are very important for the analyst to best serve the client and end users needs. A systems analyst also requires extensive knowledge and a range of skills, including technical, business, and people knowledge and skills. Integrity and ethical behavior are also important to the success of the analyst. For technical skills, importance of technology to a company can't be overstated. The analyst needs to know how computers work, should understand programming languages, operating systems, computer networks, protocols etc... For business knowledge, analysts should know how organizations are structured, managed, and how they perform. They should also know what the organization does, what makes it successful, which strategies, plans, values are etc... For people knowledge, perhaps the analyst’s most important skill due to the fact they...

Cited: Satzinger,W. John, Robert B. Jackson, and Stephen D. Burd, Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World, 5th ed., (Boston, MA: Course Technology, Cengage Learning, 2009)
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