Report on Trust Bank

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Chapter 1


1.1 Introduction

Bangladesh is one of the least developed countries in the world. To bring about desired change in the socio-economic field, the role of the banks cannot be over emphasized. Agriculture, commerce and industry provide the bulk of countries wealth, without adequate banking facilities none of these can flourish.

In international trade of country, the role of a bank is simply indispensable. Banks also contribute toward the development of capital market of a country. The development of agriculture is also largely dependent on the quality of banking services available in a country.

The environment of Bangladesh has realized the need for a developed banking system for the overall development of the country. Government has also realized that nationalized banks alone are not enough to meet this demand and challenges of the economy of the country.

Bank is an organization which gathers the idle scattered money from the people and invests them in to the development of the country. It forms different methods to bring it beneficiary for both the Bank and depositors. The revenue earning sources of banks are mainly loans and advances. The credit facility can be of two types: funded and non-funded. Funded credit can be expensive for the banks as the bank has to pay interests. Non-funded credit includes Letter of Credit which is the main source of income for the foreign exchange business.

If a bank can increase its import and export transactions, its profit will obviously reach a higher level, as the costs are negligible.

This report is an attempt to reflect the procedures, policies, activities of the Foreign Exchange Business of Trust Bank Limited.

1.2 Origin of the Report:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a comprehensive professional course designed to make professionals with better business and administrative knowledge. After studying and completing the relevant courses successfully, there is a provision to go through internship in an organization an important phase of BBA program is Internship, where student experiences the real scenario, gets the opportunity to learn about the real professional world and compare the events with whatever they have learnt so far. As a business student, one must be acquainted with the conceptual and practical knowledge of business. As a part of this activity, BBA program had been successfully placing the students to different professionally renowned organizations to give the respective students the orientation of the real life corporate environment.

For my internship, I was placed in the foreign trade Division of Trust bank Limited. Only the cortical knowledge without any practical experience makes a person sterile. On the other hand a person having practical experience but no theoretical exposure keeps him blind. The internship program is designed to overcome such sterile position. This program gives the chance to fulfill the theoretical knowledge that is acquired from class lectures, books, journals etc. in the practical settings. Here, I got an opportunity to realize the relevance and usefulness of the classroom learning as I was placed in the Trust Bank Limited for 3 months session.

My organizational supervisor was Ms. Fatema Kabir , FAVP & Manager (Operation) and my institution supervisor is Ms. Farzana Huq Rosen, lecturer School of Business. My institute supervisor duly approved the topic “Foreign Operation Practices of Trust Bank Limited” was decided for doing the report. The report will definitely increase the knowledge of other students to know the banking industry of Bangladesh and the foreign operation practices of Trust Bank Limited.

1.3 Objectives

1.3.1 Primary objective:

The primary objective of this report is to familiar with the working environment of present institutions and also fulfill the requirement of BBA...

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