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Bank is very old institution that is contributing toward the development of any economy and is treated as an important service in dusty in the modern world. Economic history shows that development has started everywhere with the Banking system and its contribution towards financial development of a country is the highest in the initial stage. Modern Bank plays an important part in promoting economic development of a country. Bank provides necessary funds for executing various programs in the process of economic development. They collect savings from large masses of people scattered throughout the country, which in the absence of banks would have remained ideal and unproductive. These scattered amounts are collected, pooled together and made available to commerce and industry for meeting the financial requirements. Main functions of banking department are the followings: Account opening system, Account section, Collection and clearing, Saving Bank Account, Current Account, Short Term Deposit Account. Local remittance Section: Pay order, Demand Draft, Telegraphic Transfer, Call Deposit Account. Janata Bank Ltd. also provides different types of DPS like monthly savings Scheme (MSS), Monthly Benefit Scheme (MBS). Janata Bank Ltd. provides the entire general banking facilities like LC, Clearing, and Forwarding, It also provide Loan for businessman.

1.1 Banking Scenario in Bangladesh
The March 1971 Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan known as East Pakistan. A nine month liberation war results in the creation of Bangladesh on 16th December 1971.At the end of the liberation war, the banking sector of Bangladesh as in totally disarray. With exception of two local banks incorporated in then East Pakistan, all the bigger local banks became in operational. Liberation war left these banks divided and without any corporate office to guide their Head office as located outside Bangladesh territory. The overseas banking relationships with these banks were also shattered under such situation. Two local banks and a few branches of the then Pakistani banks were functioning in the country. Starting with such a humble and chaotic condition, the banking sector of Bangladesh has grown to a great extent. In the middle of 2001 there were 52 scheduled Banks. But at the end of 2001, two foreign banks, “Standard Charted Bank” and ANZ Grind Lays Bank PLC” merged as standard Chartered Grind Lays
All Banks
No. of Banking Branches
Deposits (Excluding Inter-bank)

a)Total Deposits:
b)No. of Accounts
Advances (Excluding Inter-bank)

c) Total Deposits:
d) No. of Accounts

Major Indicators of the Banking Sector of Bangladesh as on 31.12.2004 Amount in Million Taka (USD1=Tk. 58.80)

1.2 Background of the study:
The Internship is very helpful to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge and real life experience as the part of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. This report has been designed to have a practical experience through the theoretical understanding. For the completion of thesis I have been placed in Bank named “Janata Bank Ltd.”. I decided to work on the practices of general banking activities of the bank. The report focuses on the practices of the general banking activities.

1.3 Objectives of the report:
The objective of the thesis is to familiarize students with the real business situation, to compare them with the business theories & at last stage make a report on assign task. The main objectives of this report are: To complete the partial fulfilment of the requirement of MBA Degree To know the general banking activities of Janata Bank Ltd. Ltd

1.4 Methodology:

To perform the study data sources are...

References: 5.1 Conclusion
It would not be appropriate to draw any definite conclusion right now. So the result of the study should be taken as indicative rather than conclusive.
In the thesis, it is found that the branch provides all the conventional banking services as well as some specialized financing activities to the economy.
General Banking is engaged in cash receipt and payment, Cheque clearing, local remittance etc. The amount of deposit in Elephant road branch is very high because Elephant area is big business area of Dhaka city.
Loans and Advance department analyses the credit proposal and disburse credit if the proposal is sound. As specialized financing, it provides term finance to medium and small-scale industries.
Foreign Exchange department of this branch is very efficient. Every day, this branch opens a lot of L/Cs. The Senior Principle Officer, Senior Officer of this department is sound. They can handle the work excellently.
Thus by providing these various services the Elephant road branch of Janata Bank Ltd. is playing an important role in the banking system and in the payment system of Bangladesh.
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