Report on Material Management

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Faculty of Business and Technology
Department of Business and Economics

The Theme
Practical Training 2
Material Management

Paul Vellas

Presented by:
Eduart Gjona

Matriculation No.:_____000____

Address: Rruga e Vjeter te Spitalit
Tel.: 0698105461
Study course: Business and Economics
Place and Date: Pogradec, October 7st 2013

Table of contents
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Short History of Selena Hotel
4. General aspects of the company’s material management
4.1. Purchasing
4.2. Delivery
4.3. Storage
4.4. Internal logistics
5. Market & customers
6. Specific task
7. Personal Experience of the student

1. Abstract
This report was written by Eduart Gjona, Nehemiah Gateway University student. Reading this report you will be able to understand the Purchasing policy and the Material management policy of the Selena Hotel, Elounda. Which issues in the purchasing sector are crucial for a business in the economy of 2013?

2. Introduction
Practical Training number 2 is developed in Selena Hotel in Greece by student of Bachelor Course 3. The main focus of this practical training was the module of Material Management. During this time the students have the possibility to practice different knowledge gained during theory time. This time serves to them in order to expand their knowledge and to see how things function in reality and to face several situations related to the subject. In this report the student of Nehemiah Gateway University, Eduart Gjona, will analyze and explain: The purchasing policy of the Selena Hotel.

How the Hotel’s management team achieve into agreement with the suppliers and which were the criteria for the agreement. How the Purchasing department places orders and which is the way the department control the storages available in the Hotel. Furthermore in this report will be included the personal experience of the student in the Selena Hotel and from Greece. How the Hotel is operating from the inside. In addition the specific task of the student will be presented in details. The task is to check and file every receipt from the POS system. In that way the company has no tax issues with the tax authorities of the country and also they are informed for the products which are available in the storages and the stocks in the Hotel. To solve the tasks are followed a several steps and methods. The main data are gathered through observation, discussions with relevant persons, program. All information gathered is presented in more details and explained clearly in following pages from the way how this hotel is created and function until today.

3. Short history of Selena Hotel
Tourism in Greece is the heavy industry of the country. Every year more than sixteen million people visit the country; and the incomes from tourism in 2012 were more than 10 billion euros and more than sixteen (16) million arrivals in the country. (iNews 2013) Selena Hotel is located in Crete, Greece. In specific the town in which the hotel is located is called Elounda. The population of Elounda is about six hundred people. Selena Hotel as every hotel in the world belongs in the service sector of the economy. Hotels are not traders, which mean that they do not sell products but they provide service to the clients. There are many types of hotels available. Some of them offer only a place to sleep without any other service. Some others have only bed and breakfast included in their system. Selena Hotel offers accommodation, full feeding and extra leisure for the clients. Also anything else that would be necessary for the client to be satisfied The financial figures of the Hotel and also every other economic information would be excluding from this project because they are confidential. The Selena Hotel is under the ownership of the ATOMA S.A. The...

References: 1. iNews. (2013). ΣΕΤΕ: Στα 10 δισ. ευρώ τα έσοδα του Τουρισμού το 2012. Available at [Accessed 19/9/2013]
2. Wikipedia. (2013). Spinalonga. Available at [Accessed 22/9/2013]
A Sample of Z taken from the Snack-Bar.
A Sample of Z taken from the Reception.
A Sample of Z taken from the Restaurant.
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