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Analyzing the macro-environment of
one travel company

A.Company introduction3
1. History and development3
2. The organizational structure and functions of each department4
C.The Company products8
1. The package tours8
2. Intermediate activities9
D.STEEP Analysis10
1.Social- demographic10
2.Technology influences10
3.Economics influences11
4.Environmental influences11
5.Political influences12
E.Five Forces influence on Travel Industry13
1.Threat of New Entrants13
2.Threat of Substitutes13
3.The power of buyers14
4.The power of suppliers14
5.Rivalry among Existing Competitors15
F.Opportunities and Challenges17
1. The opportunities and advantages17
2. Challenges17

A. Company introduction
1. History and development
Hanoi Red tours is a member of Hung Vuong international Cooperation of investment and construction. - 1996: Hanoi Red Tours International Tourism Centre was established. - 1998: Hung Vuong Construction Company was founded by the Ministry of Construction. - 2001: Hung Vuong Construction Company was renamed as Hung Vuong International Construction & Investment Company. - 2003: Hung Vuong Cat Ba Tourism Centre was launched. The centre operates and provides services on 2 beaches Cat Co I and Cat Co II. - 2005: Hung Viet International Investment JSC., a member of HVG JSC. was founded. - 2005: Ho Chi Minh City branch of HVG JSC. was launched.

- 2007: Hung Vuong International Construction & Investment Company was capitalized into a joint stock firm named Hung Vuong Investment JSC. with two branches in Ho Chi Minh city and HaiPhong city. - 2008: Hung Vuong – Vinh Phuc Construction JSC., a member of HVG JSC. was established. - 2009: Flamingo Dai Lai Resort JSC., a member of HVG JSC. was founded. - 2010: After corporatizing, Hanoi Red Tours International Tourism Centre became Hanoi Redtours Corporation. Previously the headquarter is at 152 Le Duan - Dong Da - Hanoi, and from 2000 until now move to the address: 63 Hang Trong - HoanKiem - Ha Noi and activities to date. The business of the company includes two major areas: - Ha Noi Redtours (branch in Hanoi city and branch in Ho Chi Minh city) - Investment in real estate construction.

Hanoi Redtours is specialized on travel services, organizes inbound, outbound and domestic tours with the diversity of routes, included services.

Currently the strongest point of Hanoi Red tours is outbound customers with approximately 8000 customers in 2010, in which strength is tours to China, Southeast Asia and now is expanding the tour to Korea, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Russia... For domestic tours, the company focuses on high-quality tours, for those customers with high affordability. 2. The organizational structure and functions of each department 2.1. Company structure Board of directors

Accounting Department
Financial Department
Inbound Department
Operating Department
Sale & Marketing department
Individual customer Department
Group customer
Tour operating department
Guide department
Security department
Odd job department

Kitchen department

2.2. Functions and duties of each department.
The model structure is the simplest types of organization for the type of online functions. The company is decentralized by management mode, responsibilities and positions clearly. - Board of directors: Chief Director of the company is responsible for all activities of the company for the general director of Hung Vuong Corporation to assist the Director has a Deputy Director. Director shall promptly settle the scope of work under the director assigns and shall report to the Director - The operating room: This room has important functions and tasks. Employees must work together to complete archives fairly large amount of work each day such as: • Scheduling for each tour

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