Religious Pluralism in the United States

Topics: Religion, United States, Christianity Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: September 19, 2009
In the modern age of the United States, the demographics of its citizens range from distinctive cultures of the world. The cultural diversity in religion consists of Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity to Protestantism. The aspects of the American religious landscape originated from immigrants seeking opportunities. The acceptance of the changes did not happen automatically and acts of discrimination were common. In this paper illustrates the early periods of religious pluralism to America’s progression to acceptance. Early Religion in America

The early stages of religious pluralism happened with European colonists, particularly the Puritans. “The Puritans, an ascetic group of Protestants, controlled the social and political life in Massachusetts and other religious practices were not tolerated” (Boisi Center). In other words, Puritans ruled with an “iron fist” and other groups were shunned from society. A particular group identified as the Quakers faced acts of prosecution including banishment and the death penalty. The death penalties consist of hangings, which occur in Boston around 1959 to 1961. However, The United States offered many European colonists an opportunity to create a new life for themselves. “Because of this religious diversity, and because the values of the new nation emphasized freedom of choice and individual responsibility, the Constitution of the United States, ratified in the 1789, was quickly amended to guarantee freedom of religion and the separation of church and state” (Sullivan 2007). The Immigration Act of 1965 opened doors for many immigrants. This opportunity leaded to waves of immigrants, which changed the landscape of America. Because America is democratic nation and substantial numbers of individuals make an impact, especially in social and political power. The groups of immigrants immerse multicultural traditions into the modern American society. For example, in San Francisco Chinese New Year is...

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