Religious Conflicts Around the World -Kashmir, Palestine

Topics: Terrorism, Religion, Human rights Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: June 17, 2011
1.Purpose of Research

According to the research taken by UNHCR, over 12million refugees seek asylum outside of their home countries, and 18million people suffer physically/emotionally because of religious conflicts. The history of the major conflicts and wars will probably suggest several explanations, and religion is the root of all major wars around the world. Recent Libya crisis and 9.11 crises are also based on religious conflicts. Our group decided to examine 2 regions- Kashmir (Pakistan vs India), and Palestine (Israel vs Palestine), where ongoing conflicts are causing serious international terrorism and massacre, and create many victims around the world. By analysing these two types of conflicts, we’re going to compare the similarities and differences, search for the solution where can serve its original purpose of providing peace and harmony to mankind and not used to justify conflicts

2.Methods of Research
A)The research is going to be done by 3 steps
1st Each member taking part in researching on;
-Collecting data bases on Facts; History, Causes of conflicts, Damages done by the conflicts (Casualty, Human Rights Violations, etc) -Internal Status in each regions; Government’s stance, Military attitudes, Internal atmosphere from past until recent. -International Society’s role; How IOs and NGOs are involved in the conflict, Improvements/failures, statistics. 2nd Compare the research materials and data. Add improvements, asking Professor! 3rd Draw out our own conclusion/suggestion

B)What Kind of Materials?
Web research on Articles
UN Peace Keeping Operations Website, NGO websites
Related scholarly articles, Books, Media information, Interview materials, etc

1) Intro : Why do religious conflict occur and the purpose of the research.
Religions have their accepted dogma or article of belief. But this could leat to inflexibility and intolerance in the face of other belief. Scripture and dogma are often vague and open to...
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