Conflicts of Religions

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Conflicts of Religions
I believe that faith isn’t based on religion, it is the belief on the existence of higher being, God. Religion has been the sanctuary of people to strengthen their faith to God and in these religions, different cultures are being practiced. A problem with the religions is their appeal on religious experience as validating their beliefs. Christians allege to have experienced the miracles of God, Hindus say they have the experiences of Vishnu, while Buddhists claims to have experienced the unity with the universe. Also conflicts arise from the bible, and their interpretations of the word of God. As in Christians, mainly the Catholics, their worship to God in the form of saints is being in question because as a part of the bible, Exodus 20:4says, “You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.” This argument has been the very issue in many religions but truly not only the Catholics worship their God in the form of statues but whatever it is about the way of worship in every religion, everyone should respect it and have create peace in the world.

I am a devoted member of the Catholic Church and as a member, I wrote this to express my opinions about how everyone should respect everyone’s belief. There is no wrong in believing for as long as you maintain your faith and relationship with God. The relationship with God is still the very foundation of faith. And peace is with all the people around the world.

Different names but one God, different claims but the faith on the existence and miracles from God is the same. Everyone may have diverse religions but for as long as the belief is there good spirit would flow through and He the creator of humanity would always be there to guide us all in the paths we would take. Everything happens for a purpose; everything happens in His glorious time, just wait and see what your faith in Him could transcend...
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