Organized Religion

Topics: Religion, Faith, Christianity Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: March 9, 2005
Organized Religion

Ever since man has chosen to write down his history, organized religion has been a prominent topic and has influenced and shaped all people's lives. There have always been believers and non-believers. Since the beginning, non-believers have been persecuted by inquisitions, prosecuted by witch trials, and murdered by stoning and crucifying for even questioning the "truth" about a supreme being and supposed crimes against that being. Religion had a purpose in earlier times to explain life, but today science provides more concrete answers. Religious beliefs are old and outdated and people should trust the scientific facts that have been proven, not what has been indoctrinated into their heads since childhood.

Quarrels about organized religion have been the root of many problems in society. Non-believers of early religions were often killed because of their disbelief. The lucky ones lived through the torture or were exiled. Some groups went on crusades and killed other groups because they believed they were wrong. The followers of each believed their group was "right". These problems have extended through the ages and into modern society. Religious crusades still exist, but the world looks at them differently. They are considered terrorist attacks or gang-related activity, but with the twist of religious freedom to justify the killing.

The core of religion is based on mysticism, faith as it is called. Believers want this faith to remain without need of proof. They trust their faith because "The Bible Tells Me So." The books of each religion explain why everything is the way it is and each religion teaches at very young ages, so how could it be wrong? It has "always been" so it must be the truth. When I was younger I would come home from school complaining to my mom about science class. "Why don't they leave everything alone and just say it is that way because God made it that way? The grass is green because God wanted...
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