religions of the east

Topics: Scientific method, Prediction, Future Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: February 21, 2014
 Essay one
“Theoretical ideas” lead to a better understanding in four main ways: through definition, description, explanation and prediction. These are the four main part of the “theory”. Definition mean universal in general. It will fits most characters. Definition will carry with them a lot of choices about what is important, what kind of things that is worth to studying, and which is not worth to study. It give us the function of judgments to know what should we do with them. However, description is focus on the something which is unique. “Thick description” is try to find something that is deeper on the uniqueness. But at the level of “thick description” we would have to figure out a specific explanation of what would actually take some doing. explanation means its origin and give the explanation of where religion first came from historically, or where it come from whenever it appears. Eventually, prediction is paying more attention about the future. However, human behavior on both grand and local scales in more difficult to predict. It should be able to predict the future may look like and think about what kind of life will you live in the future. But it is actually yet another way that theory is part of your everyday experience. In the opening pages of this remarkable work, Dukheim urges his readers to clear away their preformed judgments and criticizes some commonly held views, including the notion that religion is about belief in divine beings. Instead, as a starting point, he offers a pair of categories that have become ubiquitous in the study of religion: the sacred and the profane. This duality “ is the distinctive trait of religious thought”: one realm, which can infuse any worldly object we might imagine, must be protected because it is somehow special and worthy; the other is associated with the everyday, the mundane, or even the unpleasant. “religion is something eminently social.” in other words, religion is not rooted in...
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