Religion Studies Report on Conflict in Sudan

Topics: Sudan, Religion, Islam Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: August 17, 2013
Religion conflict in Sudan.
Since the Independence Day 1st January 1956, has never developed identity of its own due to Sudan’s unlucky history which is filled violence and bloodshed of two civil wars and the war of Darfur. The civil war in the Sudan is normally categorized as a conflict between Muslims and Christians, Arabs and Africans, or North and South.

In 1955 a year before independence a civil war broke out in between north and south of Sudan. And this particular civil war continued till year 1972.

Main reasons of this religion conflict were the southern side of the country is frightened that the north will conquer them once Sudan gained independence. Northern wanted to enforce Islam and Arabic standard of living onto southerners while they refused to be part of an Islamic state. The southerners wanted an independent state after independence but they recognized northern will not let that happen as a consequence various southern majors rebelled and started the Anya nya guerrilla army. The northern reactions were furious and militarily.

The government on the other hand viewed southerners as potential allies of Anya nya, so they came up with strategy that will react against the Anya nya supporters they burn down the villages, they killed prisoners like they tried to displace as many southern as many possible in order minimize the number population supporting Anya nya army.

The conflict falls under religious conflict is due to government policy of appointing almost every southern a Christian whereas as most of northerners a Muslim. When British left Sudan that was after independence in 1956 they drafted a temporary constitution for Sudanese. At that time due to several issues like weather Sudan should be a federal or unitary state and weather country should be a secular or Islamic constitution that delayed the drafting of a permanent constitution.

Even though government tried their best to minimise Anya nya power yet they were able to stand...
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