Religion in China

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Chapter 12 of gamer deals solely with the topic of religion in China. Right away it is told that the Chinese do not worship any one god, diety, or force. They are very spiritual but have no set predominant religion that most people worship. The Chinese culture can be said to be a mix between polytheistic, pantheistic, and atheistic. In the past some sinologists and sociologists such as Jan De Groot and C.K. Yang have sought to fully understand China’s religious position and have conducted many studies about Chinese spirituality and worship. Through time it was found that two types of religion exist in China, diffused and institutional. Diffused religion such as Confucianism is part of the country and its systems. It is within the families, education, and the state as a belief. Institutional religion exists as a separate entity of the systems and is in itself a system. Certain religions like Buddhism and Daoism can be said to be this because of their separate institutions and priesthoods. Before todays beliefs, however, existed many different cults and sects that practiced a variety of values and rituals. Way back in ancient times between 2000 and 1123 BC existed the ancient cults which included totemism, animism, and occultism. After that came the humanistic religions when the Zhou dynasty came into control between 1122 and 256 BC. Proceeding that came Confucianism and Daoism between 772 and 481 BC. This was followed by the introduction of foreign religions and their integration within China. Buddhism was introduced first, this came from India where it had its roots and spread to become a rather popular belief system in China to this day. After Buddhism came Christianity which came from the western civilizations which did not take such a great hold because of its monotheistic worship which is unlike any other religion China has encountered or believed in. Finally came Marxism/Maoism which both believe in no god and started an anti-religion...
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