Religion Essay 1

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Study of Religion

Most of the general population worldwide will almost always shy away from the conversation of religion. This topic is one that has been the source of many conflicts from war to simple differences in opinion. The study of religion is a course that a vast majority of the general population could benefit from and learn to understand. This understanding will be gained from learning to look at a religion from an academic outsiders view and from a predisposition insider’s view.

Individual people will always have their own views when it comes to religion and like them my own opinion is different and it is that of fascination. The study of religion has captured my curiosity because it has given me an opportunity to fully grasp the unique religions throughout the world and to better understand another’s perspective without letting my own bias opinion show through. It's with this open-mindedness that any fear of the unknown can be resolved, and this resolution will only serve to strengthen my own religious views.

Academically looking at a religion without a goal to either increase or decrease an individual’s religious faith is known as an “outsiders view”. People have the tendency to have negative perceptions on another’s faith due to the fear of the unknown and a lack of understanding. This educationally built view point allows a person to understand what is needed for them to grasp a new concept without being judgmental. Being able to step back and put your own opinions aside and look at a religion with unbiased “eyes” is the key and benefactor to expanding ones religious understanding.

However, like most viewpoints, there is a downfall to having an outsiders view and it circles back to that fear of the unknown. There are going to be instances to where it is hard to fully relinquish the fear of not knowing or understanding what it is another is trying to convey to you. It is in these times that looking at the new information...
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