religion cause and effect

Topics: Christianity, Religion, God Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: November 18, 2013
Adamaka Ezenwachi
Professor Montgomery
ENG 1010 LD18
November 13, 2013
My Views on Religion
Because both of my parents grew up in Catholic Churches in Nigeria and since they grew up around that religion they wanted to raise their own children in the same environment they were. When I was young I was told that any non-Christian (Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist) will be sent to hell for all eternity because they do not believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God who came to earth to die for our sins so we can have new life. So, I believe if I wasn’t a Christian I would go to hell when I die and that scared me. The earliest church that I remember going to is Oracles of God Mission Church. I went there mostly every Sunday. It was where I met most of my childhood friends, my sister and two younger cousins were baptized by the pastor Joshua Nathan Sr. his wife who is also a pastor is a childhood friend of my mother, this church was part of life I had so many good memories there it taught so much on how to be a better person, treat others with kindness .So later on I learned about the rapture and was told that one day that God will call upon his believers by sounding the trumpets and a big earthquake will happen and that the true Christian will be sent up to heaven while everyone else will be left behind, I saw a movie about it while I was attending a church event. To distract the children from the long seminar they sent us downstairs to the church basement to watch a movie. They put this movie on it was about a group of survivors who were left behind and trying so hard to find Jesus in their hearts again while trying to avoid people who are trying to stop them. Analysis

During my preteen years I slowly began noticing my different views on other religions by watching the world news or how most of my friends are converted to different view religion, and that made myself wonder why we as a nation judge other about religions. Let’s be honest here some...
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