Reliability and Validity Matrix

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Reliability and Validity Worksheet ***USE THIS VERSION***

Due Day 7: 5/20/13: Reliability and Validity Worksheet

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Validity and Reliability Matrix

For each of the tests of reliability and validity listed on the matrix, prepare a 50-100-word description of the type of reliability/validity, its purpose and under what conditions these types of reliability and validity would be used as well as when they would be inappropriate. Then, prepare a 50-100-word description of each test’s strengths and a 50-100-word description of each test’s weaknesses.  

|TEST of |Description, Purpose, Application and |Strengths |Weaknesses | |Reliability |Appropriateness | | | |Inter-item | Inter-item consistency is the parallel of all | Test score calculations are more| Inter-item consistency cannot | |Consistency |items on a scale calculated from one trial of a |accurate and clear when there is |measure intelligence or personality.| | |test. It is used in assessing how consistent |a lot of consistency. Inter item |If the items are not homogenous with| | |various raters and observers are of the same |consistency is great at measuring|the same difficulty and length, it | | |phenomenon. When asking questions to research an |if a test is reliable and |would be ineffective determining | | |idea this test can assess the response of the |consistent based on the length or|internal consistency. Even the | | |test-taker against the idea. Different questions |shortness of a test. The |Spearman-Brown formula would fail. | | |that test the same idea give consistent results. |inter-item consistency test can |Inter-item consistency works best on| | |This is appropriate for example, in testing |show reliability over a period of|tests that are whole-test and long | | |employee performance at different times over a |time. On the flip side, errors |in length rather than half-test uses| | |period of time. Employers can use this to determine|among items can be broken down |or short test. | | |if an employee is eligible for a raise or |and new ones can be added to | | | |promotion. |reach a reliability measurement. | | |Split-half | Split-half reliability randomly divides all items | Split-half reliability has its | It is not wise to divide a test in | | |that mean to measure the same idea into two sets. |strength in being efficient and |half straight down the middle | | |When it is difficult to measure reliability with |less tedious for test-takers than|because the content and difficulty | | |two test or perform a test two times, split half |the parallel form. It measures |of questions will not be distributed| | |reliability is suitable. It is appropriate with |internal consistency well. It |evenly. Many intermediary variables | | |uneven random assignment splits need to be |also can check middle variables |are created such as fatigue during | | |measured. It also can be used to create a small |that may cause an error in the |the second half of the test....
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