Relevance of Team

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Relevance of Teams
Oct-29, 2012
Amy Eggert

Relevance of Teams

“Individual achievement was once the hallmark of personal success; today, success often depends on your ability to work in groups” (Engleberg, 2010). Teams are more important today than ever before. The evolution of computers has paved the way for a mass-transit of information. New technologies have improved the methods of information sharing and team collaboration.

I have been in the workforce since 1995. I have had many experiences working in teams and groups. The best experience I had working in teams was in the US Army. I obtained a wealth of knowledge, while achieving the goals of the United States working in a network of groups. I have also had negative experiences working in groups. I try my best to analyze negative experiences and learn from the outcome. I have learned that break-through results are achieved through effective team collaboration.

Many companies have realized the importance of effective teams in the workforce. Some employees may display resistance toward these newly formed teams. Therefore, the company must provide team-training and produce new effective leaders. Teams in the work place can be very beneficial to companies. Effective teams will produce a higher quality of customer service and more profit for the company.

In sports, teams are more effective working together as one unit with one goal. In 2008, the New York Giants won the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots had an undefeated season and were expecting to win. They had a variety of super players, a star quarterback, and a legendary coach. However, the Patriots were defeated by the Giants. “The Giants demonstrated the power of groups to engage the right combination of talent and willpower to overcome all odds” (Engleberg, 2010).

Building stronger team skills will definitely help me succeed in the future. Skills I have been working on recently includes; listening,...

References: Engleberg, Isa., & Wynn, D. (2010). Working in Groups (5th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database Ch. 1
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