Relationships in the 1600

Topics: Hamlet, Woman, William Shakespeare Pages: 3 (1122 words) Published: December 5, 2013

Ryan Disher

5th hour

Due October 18th, 2013

16th Century era of Male and Female Relationship

My essay is over Male and Female relationships during the 16th century. In my essay I will be able to tell you what their relationship is based on, How the relationship works, and I will compare some characters from the story Hamlet in my essay also. This essay is full of facts so sit back and enjoy the ride!

During the 1600s women were treated as inferior compared to the men who were superior. Women were expected to clean, cook, and tend to the children. Also During this era men argued that women were not capable of higher thinking because a woman’s skull is smaller than a man’s skull. Another statement that was said, women have wider hips which means there naturally supposed to be mothers. Overall woman were treated poorly and were not treated fair in the relationship either. In the play Hamlet Claudius and Gertrude, Claudius wants to remain King and in order to do so he must please Gertrude and show love to Hamlet in front of Gertrude, but behind her back he plots to kill Hamlet.

Another good topic is how their relationship works out. During the 1600s women in the upper class were often set up to marry very young. Women of the middle class usually waited till there mid twenties to get married so they had enough money for a household. Women that did not marry were forced to learn some sort of trade to carry on their lives. Child birth was one of the most important things of being a woman, Although men weren’t expected to be there while in labor. The woman’s family, friends, and mid wife were there for her though. Woman in the upper class who didn’t want to breast fed often had other mothers do it for them called wetnurses. Some relationships worked out great and well others didn’t go as planned. In this time, the male was almost always the one who brought in money for the family. Although there were times where the female brought in the...
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