Relationship Between Men and Women

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Oct. 20, 2006
WMF 9 o clock class

Relationship Between Men and Women The earth may seem like a simple place for a being of great intellect, such as you, my little green friend. However, some aspects of life, such as the male-female relationship, are extremely complex. I am going to give you a fair unbiased opinion of the female sex. You will soon see that females are unique in appearance as well as behavior. Physically, females are smaller in stature and girth than males. The fact that females are more fragile could be seen as a limitation, but it usually doesn't hinder them or cause them to be inadequate to males. Another easily recognizable trait is that the hair on a female's head is generally longer than that of a males. At the same time, most adult females, or women as they're called, have no hair on their face, legs, or underarms. This makes women more attractive and self-confident. An hourglass shape represents the perfect physical state for females. While some women don't have this optimal appearance, they all possess certain curves that aid in the bearing of children. Enough with the physical characteristics of women, it's time to discuss the infrastructure known as the female mind.

One aspect most prevalent in females is their pride in appearance. It wouldn't take much field research to determine that females are more hygienic and stylish than males. Women often wear the latest fashions, and they never go anywhere without applying their make-up (a sort of paint that hides blemishes ). Females usually make decisions based on emotion and intuition rather than the physical of a situation. Males, on the other hand, are sometimes insincere and give little thought to emotions. As a result, females are insecure about themselves and use the means of shopping, dieting, and exercising to "look better." Shopping is a horrible adventure in which women go in and out of multiple stores trying on...
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