Relational Database

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Relaional Database Management Questions
Planning for backup and recovery of database information is done by _________________

A.Data Assurance team

B.Data management



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Question 2 of 1010.0 Points
Please choose the functions of a Database?
A. Data Definition and Manipulation
B. Data Recovery and consistency
C. Performance of Queries
D. Data Dictionary Maintenance

A.A, B, C and D
B.A, C and D

C.B, C and D

D.A, B and C

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Part 2 of 3 - Basics of ERM and normalization

Question 3 of 1010.0 Points
A primary key composed of multiple columns used to identify a record uniquely is called

A.Multiple key

B.Composite key

C.Unique key

D.Foreign key

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Question 4 of 1010.0 Points
Which one of the below is an example of One-to-One Relationship:

A.Each student can have many subjects, and each subject is taken by many students

B.A student has just one lecture

C.Each student can have many lecturers

D.A lecturer can have many students

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Question 5 of 1010.0 Points
Which one of the below is an example of Many to Many Relationship

A.Each author can write many books

B.A book can have many authors

C.An author can write many books and Each book can have many modules

D.A book can be written by different authors and an author can write many books

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Part 3 of 3 - RDBMS &SQL

Question 6 of 1010.0 Points
A Primary key

A.Uniquely identifies a column.

B.Must always be composed of two or more columns.

C.Uniquely identifies a row.

D.Uniquely identifies a table.

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Question 7 of 1010.0 Points
The DBMS language component which can be embedded in a program is

A.The data manipulation language (DML).

B.The data definition language (DDL).

C.The database administrator (DBA).

D.Query language

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