Related Literature

Topics: Operating system, System software, Information system Pages: 2 (311 words) Published: September 23, 2011
Chapter II

Review of Literature

This chapter discusses the literature and studies which are related and have direct bearing to the proposed study. It consists of referenced information about information system, Sales Monitoring and Inventory System, scripting and programming languages, database, online application and web authentication security. And will also discuss the synthesis of the proposed study.

Related Literature and Studies

Information System

Shelly, Cashman, and Rosenblatt (2006) defined information system as a system that combines information technology, people, and data to support business needs. According to them, an information system has five key components, which are the hardware and software used, data, the processes performed, and the people involved. Everything in the physical layer of the information system is called hardware. Hardware includes servers, workstations, networks, telecommunication equipments, fiber-optic cables, handheld computers, scanners, digital capture devices, and other technology-based infrastructures. Programs that control and manage the hardware components and produce the desired information or results are called software. Software can manage a single workstation or global network with thousands of clients. Examples of system software include the operating system, security software, device drivers, and utility programs. Data are raw materials in which are transformed into useful information. Information systems can extract specific information in various locations, such as tables, where data is stored (Shelly, et al., 2006). The building blocks of the information system are the processes. Shelly, et al. (2006) described process as the tasks and business functions that users, managers, and IT staff members perform to achieve specific results. Processes represent actual day-to-day business operation. Information systems are created to provide valuable information to users. Users, also called as end-users,...
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