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“Mankind Owes the Child the
Best it has to Offer”
1959 – 2nd Declaration of the Rights of the Child


The Eldoret Children’s Remand home is located on the eastern side of Eldoret town, on the Kaptagat Road, about 6 km from town near Limo Hospital in the vicinity of Kapsoya Estate. It falls under the Ministry of Gender, Youth Sports and Recreation, sits on a 5 acre land It was constructed in 1954 during the 2nd World War by the colonialists to cater for the abandoned children who were left behind by their parents as they went to war. It has a bed capacity of 30. It became operational as a Juvenile Remand Home after Independence – 1964, under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Currently it has a bed capacity of 60 and falls under the Ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation with the introduction of the new Ministry after the 2008 elections. The buildings that were built in 1954 are what they are using today, with a few additional ones. The home gives service to eight districts in the North Rift, Kapenguria, Karbanet, Kitale, Turbo, Nandi, and Margat. The mission, vision and objective of the Eldoret Juvenile Remand Home are as follows: Mission

“To provide an enabling environment or proper children care”. Vision:
“To safeguard the rights and welfare of all children in Remand, in safe custody by providing basic needs and requirements, facilitates the quick production of children to courts and proper quick re-integration back to the families”.

The Objectives/Goals:
To ensure that all children in Kenya are safe according to the Children’s Act 2004, which states: “ •To protect children from any harm.
The Eldoret Juvenile Remand Home serves as custodians for the court for children before the court decides what to do with them. The children cannot be kept in a police station because of their age and also to protect them from the criminals, who are in police remands. •To rescue children in difficult circumstances for example, torture for example, battered children, neglected children. •To investigate and settle the different cadres of children, those who need protection and care (those falsely accused) and those who need protection and discipline (criminals). The children who need protection discipline are child criminals while those who need protective care are the children who are suspected to have committed crime or who are accused falsely for example somebody employs a children and at the end of the month, they are unable to pay salary and then they accuse the child falsely to may be have stolen or raped.

The purpose of the Home is to protect children from physical, psychological abuse, neglect and any other form of exploitation including: sale, trafficking or abduction. Activities:
The Management has come up with a daily program for the children e.g. 7a.m.Waking up time
7-8 a.m.Parade
8.30 a.m.Breakfast
10-11.30 a.m.General cleanliness of the home
11.30-12.30Washing and Bathing
1-2 p.m.Lunch and Cleaning of utensils
2-5Spiritual care
6-7 p.m.Super and cleaning of utensils
7 p.m.Handing over to the night staff

oThey have an enclosed playground within the premises, which the children use as their play ground. They provide counseling services also.

oThere are Dormitory Masters to take care of the children at night.

oThe children help in farming and maintenance of the compound.

oThe Management of the Home is run according to government procedures, purchasing are done through the government purchasing procedures.

All these activities are done under strict supervision of the staff.

Organization Structure:
Contact Address: P.O. Box 33, Eldoret Tel.020 2063085 Email:

Ministry of Gender, Youth, Recreation and...
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