Rehabilitation Paper

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Rehabilitation Paper
Jimmy Bolden
July 15, 2015
Yolonda Johnson
Rehabilitation Paper
The great significance of rehabilitation has encountered flows and ebbs all across the history of corrections. Rehabilitating criminal offenders has been supported by the public. Eighty-eight percent of rehabilitative programs support inmate work programs to make products, perform services, or construct buildings, ninety-four percent of rehabilitative programs support requiring offenders to be able to write and read before being released from prison, and ninety-three percent of rehabilitative programs support prisoners’ learning a trade or skill. Raynor, P., Robinson, G., & Campling, J. (2009). Rehabilitation, crime and justice (p. 175). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. The definition of rehabilitation is the restoration of past abilities, authority, rights, privileges, rank, health, or condition. According to Foster (2006) his definition of rehabilitation is “rehabilitation represented a perspective that said one purpose of imprisonment was to promote positive change in the prisoner during confinement. This perspective would be officially abandoned during the 1970s, but it remains part of the prison vocabulary, and it retains adherents among corrections officials, scholars, prisoners, and the public”. The origins of rehabilitation focused on forcing an inmate to consider both the error of his or her ways, the gravity of the crime committed, and why good conduct and further avoidance of crime would be beneficial. The initial origins of the penitentiary were created by the Quakers, and reinforced by religious fervor for a ‘black and white’ application of the law. What the Quakers believed in was penance, the suffering of punishment inducing the prisoner to express sorrow for his sins and to promise to do good to make up for his evil acts; social change based on the religious transformation that took place within the penitentiary. The penitentiary...
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