Refocusing on Parenting

Topics: Family, Responsibility, Home Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: August 3, 2013
Every dad wants his children to grow up to be responsible, contributing members of society. But before they head out on their own and make their mark on the world, kids need to learn how to be responsible, contributing members of the family household. Household chores are training exercises for real life. Chores not only teach children important life skills that will prepare them for living on their own, but recent studies show that starting chores at an early age gives children an enormous leg-up in other areas of their life as well. Getting kids to do chores is one of the most common arguments families have. You’re yelling, “Why haven’t you cleaned your room yet?” while your child is on the couch watching TV, shouting back, “I’ll do it later!”As you know, we have had lots of house chores when we live in our house. For example, cleaning the room, getting rid of trash, doing the laundry and cooking etc. Some of the reasons why children should do chores or task at home: 1-They have to these chores as they will become a father or mother in their future so they will have to do these tasks as this will be their responsibility. Suppose if they don’t do the practice of doing these chores as a kid so they will face many problems in future. 2-You are living your house, using your room and throwing trash. You are making these house chores. That i reason why you have to do them. There is an old saying. "Freedom Carries Responsibility with It". If no one is going to do it then your home will be like a big trash can. 3-It is kind of your responsibility, at least do some work YOU CAN, not which you cannot. 4- By doing chores, it helps to lighten their parents work, builds personal responsibilities and become independent. How does it help our parents? Well, it cuts down the work load of our parents and they also need extra pair of hands to help them. We can be a role model for our younger siblings. Each child is capable of helping around the house; parents need take...
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