Sibling and Chores

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January 26, 2014
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Do children, at some point, need to be introduced to chores? This question has haunted parents for many generations. The burden to cohere children into working is one that the majority of American families wrestle with on a daily basis. Regardless of the negative results: can affect the way children feel about education, can cause bitterness, anger, and discord between siblings, to name a few, parents have practiced assigning chores forever and a day. Some families feel to not assign chores to children is a major problem. I argue that the benefits of assigning chores to children are over-rated, and that there are other ways to make a household run effectively. I also feel that children should be able to live a free life without being provoked to do chores. One of the main results of assigning chores, I feel, is that if a parent pays the child for chores, the child will think a small amount of money is easily earned, and working to earn money early in life is better than completing your education in order to earn a higher paying job; therefore, the child’s educational journey may be interrupted (drop out of high school), because the child wants money now, and he or she is not accustomed to earning a “real” salary that pays much more than minimum wages or chore money, because he has been given money for chores for most of his life. The claim made for the purpose of chores is that it helps you learn, “Whether we like it or not, household chores are a necessary part of everyday life, ensuring that our homes continue to run efficiently, and that our living environments remain organized and clean, thereby promoting good overall health and safety.” (Desdin 2012). There are other ways that children can learn to assist in helping our homes run efficiently and chores do not have to be a part of that process. Another...

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