Reflective Evaluation on Preparing to Teach

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Reflective evaluation on ‘Preparing to teach’

"It is common for reflection to be treated as if it were an intellectual exercise - a simple matter of thinking rigorously.  However, reflection is not solely a cognitive process; emotions are central to all learning." (1998: 194) Boud and Walker.

I agree with the quote above as reflective practice is looking at what I have learned and how I can make use of what I have learned in my teaching practice. In this assignment, I will discuss what I have been taught and how I have incorporated professional terminology and a variety of teaching tools; to see how I can manage many styles of learning and adapt my teaching to be able to plan, prepare for and provide for the individual learners needs. Reflection is a practical device of self assessment and evaluation as it allows you to identify areas where you feel you are performing well and highlight the areas that need improvement. By recording my feelings in my reflective journal I am able to see where I believe my teaching practice will excel and where I will require further assistance.

In this essay I will use my time in college to reflect on my learning gained over the module, evaluate the value of learning and identify three things I wish to develop in practice. In order to reflect on my learning I will utilise the concept of various theorists to evaluate my learning and experience over the past module.

This essay will utilise Schon’s ‘Reflection on action’ (1987) theory which is to look at what I have done and stop to consider how my actions, thoughts and experiences within that situation will affect what I choose to do later. It will also utilise that of Kolb’s theory by referring to the ‘experimental learning cycle’ (1984).

This illustrates how we teach (Do), reflect and abstract (Review) and experiment (Develop). “Reflective practice is a process of reviewing an experience from practice in order to describe, analyse, and evaluate and so forms the...
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