Reflective Essay

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Self-reflective Essay

In life we go through different developmental stages that lead us to certain situations. This has an effect on our future direction and which path we choose to take; Whether it be through Education, Career or jobs, family or just shear circumstances, these all contribute and lead us to certain points in our lives and future endeavors.

In this essay I have chosen to write about the major influences that have led me to undertake studying at a tertiary level in the course of my professional background, experiences as an adult learner, the nature of the training and vocational education setting, which I work, and how my previous learning experiences have developed my capabilities as a potential teacher.

Throughout this essay I talk about how teachers with Pedagogical Content Knowledge influenced my adult learning experiences and being the Coordinator at my current job in Out of School Hours Care created the educational setting in which led me to want to teach.

I would like to start by going into depth following a chronological order, to explain the major influences.

Trade and professional background
On completion of high school I enrolled and completed a Diploma in Hospitality and Business Management as I wanted to gain knowledge in business and develop the skills to be able to manage a team and gain confidence in the workforce. My qualification allowed me to work at the Sheraton on the Park. I gained an enormous amount of knowledge and skills in dealing with staff and different types of personalities. The rotation of shifts and high demand of the role encouraged me to look deeper into myself and ask questions such as “what is it hat I really want to do with my life” after a year of hard work I decided I needed and new path.

I took a year off and travelled overseas through Europe, Asia and Canada, while overseas I became obsessed with fashion and design through architecture and clothing and this ignited a love for fashion. I bought hundreds of magazines and visited many site upon my journeys. When I returned home I self-taught myself to draw and sew and I enrolled into the Certificate 3 in Fashion and Industry Practices to follow on to an Advanced Diploma in Fashion.

All the while through all of my studying I worked with children, as a nanny and a child care worker in Long Day Care and Out of School Hours Care (OSCHC). I have always been plagued with the expression “He who can, does. He who cannot teaches.” I kept ignoring some clear signs of wanting to be a teacher. Lee. S. Shulman Knowledge and teaching: foundations of the new reform (Harvard Education Review, 57 (1) (1987) ipp 1-22.

Finally after my second trip around the world, I came back to realize, I wanted to make a difference, encourage the youth of tomorrow to keep learning and educating oneself is the key. With all of my experience in childcare and a want to continuously challenge my self, and help others to learn I enrolled in to A Bachelor in Secondary Education and Applied Technology.

Experiences as an adult learner
Learning has always been intriguing to me but I have always found it to be so difficult. I always wondered if it was my brain that was slow? Perhaps it was the teachers that weren’t clear on what they were teaching? Iv realized that the wisdom and knowledge gained over time created a greater sense of self-esteem and identity. I believe the best experiences as an adult learner came from teachers with Pedagogical Content Knowledge: “Research has shown that one of the factors that enable effective teachers is their rich Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) (Loughran, Berry, & Mulhall, 2006), a special blend of content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge that is built up over time and experience. This form of professional knowledge, first theorized by Shulman (1987), is topic-specific, unique to each teacher, and can only be gained through teaching practice. The academic construct of PCK is...
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