Reflective Critique

Topics: Personal development, Professional, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: February 26, 2013
“As important as methods may be, the most practical thing we can achieve in any kind of work is insight into what is happening inside us as we do it. The more familiar we are with our inner terrain, the more sure footed our [work] – and living- becomes.” P. J. Palmer (cited in Skovholt, T. M., 2001). The pursuit for self-awareness or self-understanding is a chief factor of valuable reflective practice. Counsellors need not only to be conscious of their abilities, facts and presentation as professionals, but also wary of any private aspects that may mess with or obstruct their capability to supply an efficient and objective service. Counselling professionals in their everyday practice encounter unique and difficult circumstances which may be impossible to resolve by only scientific rationale approaches. Any counsellor employing the technique of reflective practice knows that this is as an approach which promotes deeper understanding and elicits critical thinking skills that spawns opportunities for further personal development. This course of Professional Development is one means of developing reflective practice, linking the internal and external worlds of the practitioner. II.The Model of Reflective Practice:

With the preceding information in mind, I have come to realize that reflective practice can be a very beneficial process in my own professional development as an educator, because both teaching and learning processes requires special knowledge, skills and experiences. Reflective practice is a professional development process that is believed to be highly effective in achieving behavioral change. In the profession of counselling, reflective practice is referred to mindful practice in that reflective counsellors possess certain qualities; they are aware of their own strengths and inadequacies, they carry out counselling with purpose and intention, and they examine their own levels of stress and are wary of personal matters that may interfere with their...
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