Critical Reflection

Topics: Learning, Writing, Critical thinking Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Eng 111: Critical Reflection


Critical Reflection

In the portfolio we were told that we had to pose a problem with adult education. My instructor told us about the portfolio during the first week of class and we spent several weeks preparing for the portfolio. She helped us to develop our critical and rhetorical analysis skills which would be a big part of the portfolio, especially the use of critical analysis. When it was time to begin to write our papers, we, as a class, came up with a big long list of topics that would be good for the portfolio. We came up with topics on our own and as we said them, our instructor typed them up on a word document. I had a few different topics at the beginning but, I narrowed it down to one, which was, the student focus on grades. As I began to write my paper I realized that my topic was a little too vague. Then I changed my topic to how students tend to focus on their grades instead of learning the knowledge in a way that would benefit them. I chose this issue because it is something that has affected me when I was in high school and followed me to college. I have always been someone that school came easy until I reached the college level, because I had to learn how to learn by myself, without a teacher telling me what I need to know for the test. I used my personal experience in school as my intro, because I thought it would make my audience connect to what I had to say and give them a little bit of an understanding about my learning process. One of the hardest parts of this paper was using language that would satisfy an academic audience, because I have never really used academic language in my writings.

As I was writing my paper I tried to keep it simple so that anyone could understand it, but when I would write a sentence I think I made it more complicated than it had to be. I believe that when I was writing my paper it was clear at most times. Some of the sentences seemed like they were made more...
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