Reflective Account

Topics: Personal computer, Developmental psychology, Mouse Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Reflective account 12
Date: 03.05.12
Aneta Ten
I am let in the children world now; they completely trust me and don’t fear me. I stepped in the classroom today and from the door the children said –“Hello”, and smiled. Child S. even gave me a hug. We had 4 indoor activities set for them today, promoting physical, creative and social development. They enjoyed them very much. In the quite room we have a computer on which they can practise their fine motor skills with the computer mouse and can play games and sing nursery rimes. I sat down by the computer with child S. and started singing to a Baa baa black ship. I think the children enjoy the computer very much, clicking on the different icons and watching what happens. I let an activity in which they had to solve a puzzle, by clicking on the different parts of one of their favourite characters and put them together. A lot of children gathered so I made them take a turns. There was a bit of fighting over the mouse but with me asking them to use words instead of hurting each other, peace and love was established. Words like, “I don’t like it”, “it is my Turn”, “Thank you”, and “i am sorry”. The children enjoyed the computer games and practise their skills, some of them succeeded and some needed more practice. Every child was on a different level of physical development but with lots of praise they all had a smile on their face and were encouraged to go on. I think I am going to continue with this activity.
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