Computers and children

Topics: Learning, Personal computer, Computer Pages: 4 (1254 words) Published: November 26, 2013
Finally One God

Men have started to worship various divine powers since the early history of mankind. However, throughout that history, men have never agreed on worshipping only one of those powers. Finally, a single god arises, the computer with the internet. If worshipping means showing respect, appreciation, independence, and submission to the dominance of a certain power on people’s lives, that will be exactly what the computer represents to people nowadays. Unlike other inventions, the computer could successfully penetrate all aspects of people’s lives. Actually, people interact with computers daily, much more than they do with their own families and friends. If one just imagines what may happen to banks, government offices, retail stories, schools, universities, businesses, laboratories, and factories if computers stop working for any reason, he/she can easily realize how far adults depend on that invention. Similarly, the young are so attracted to the interaction with computers. With all the advantages of using computers, they cannot resist that kind of exciting and productive interaction. Yet, some adults think that children should not be exposed to it at their early age because of its negative effects on them. Despite such claims, those limited negative effects are outweighed by the social, emotional and learning development caused by the interaction with the computer by the young, in general, and children with special needs in specific, under the guidance of the adult. In fact, computers are becoming more essential for children’s learning development. Using computers enable them to have control over their own learning process, set their own goals, and decide on the level of challenge that suits their own ability. As computers assist children to learn through creating, making things happen, and drawing, it provides better opportunities for children to widen their scope of thinking. Computers also participate in shaping their basic skills by helping...

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