Botanical Garden

Topics: Plant, Tree, Education Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Botanical Garden Experience
We went to Nezahat Gökyiğit botanical garden a day in a week for 4 hours. We had many kinds of experience related education of children. Firstly, botanical garden is attractive and mysterious area. Primary and secondary students visit the garden as a trip and observation with their class and teacher. It is possible children do activities and games. Stepping grass is free and touching soil provide students to learn with nature. There are 2 trainer, Sema Çevik and Nurhan Ay. They supplied and quite helped us about learning the plants’ secrets and their features. At the beginning of the our volunteer period, we prepared some materials for middle school students in addition to this, cutting cardboard and rellef, cleaning the activity room. There are 2 activities which i observe in the garden. These are plants for children activity and tiny discoverer activity. Holding the children on the control with discipline is difficult process. They do not care about your voice while they see everything separated from the lesson like helicopter, goose, bees, ants. Activities are expected to listen carefully. School teacher sometimes raise their voice in order to get authocontrol but generally it does not work. Trainers are whole calm and use effective voice tone. İ want to mention about my activity tour experience, there were 15-20 pre-school students and they are very energetic and talk each other. First of all, i meet the students and said them “ stepping the grass is free but do not step the soil. Why do i say like this ? beside this, do not run after the geese because they can make a cluck. “ We were ready after the some informative talking, then please follow me! Our first station is roses,

Giray: Children you can touch and smell roses but do not break off please. What for can we utilise from the roses ? Children: rose jam and aqua rose.
Then, our other station is lime tree.
Giray: What may be this tree’s name ?...
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