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Reflective statement is our own words that reflect our own thought about something. It explains the journey of our learning in the class and what we learn in our everyday lives. Sharing our reflection with another can help us for learning. We can get new ideas from them. Reflection is like a “learning portfolio” where we can document what, why and how we learned. Below I am going to explain my reflective statement regarding our team work assignment which we accomplished. Leadership and development is a new subject for me I feel bit difficult to understand the leadership concept but Dr Roman’s and James o’ Bryon‘s make it very easy to understand. I realised that leadership is important in our life without leadership we cannot go further. To lead in any field leadership play a vital role. We are 6 members in the group. We are randomly chosen by teacher it is bit confusing to finding our group members from large number of students. After making our group we introduce each other than we choose our group leader who presents our group. Then we discuss all assignment criteria how to make the poster how we present. We all arrange the meeting before lecture for discussing our ideas regarding our individual task and our team work. We all are going good but of the team members are not cooperative they are not regular in the class so some time it is difficult for other group members because then have discuss thing twice and sometime we are not able to go on other topics. Apart from this, even I learned a lot from my group member s because everyone’s have different and positive thinking towards assignment. Through all these phases my overall knowledge about leadership increasing day by day. My group members are very cooperative and we do lots of new things so that our assignment will present different sound. In addition, every member in my group is hard working and focus on top most successful leaders, that what is different and the way they do or manage easily no matter...
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