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EDTEG 201 T 5:30 Reflection Paper 2011-78888

ELICA, RIZA R. March 5, 2012

I. Objective: To examine and reflect on early childhood concepts and theories (discussed in class) that address the characteristics of young learners and find evidence/s of these in classroom instructional practices. II. Schools Visited / Classes Observed:


Mayfield Montessori Academy Class Observed: Junior 1 (Nursery) Teacher: Teacher Anna No. of Pupils:13 Bridges Foundation Orientation and school tour was facilitated by Teacher Cecile UPIS K-2 Department Classes Observed: 1-Pipit / K-Rosal Teacher: Teacher Yza / Teacher Joyce No. of Pupils: 25 / 24



III. Observation: School ECE ECE Figure Concept/Theory Comenius, Use of Pestalozzi, manipulatives Froebel, Montessori Riza R. Elica

Evidence The students worked/played with different Montessori materials such as cylinders, constructive triangles wooden blocks, puzzles, etc. Reflection Paper





School ECE ECE Figure Concept/Theory Evidence Montessori materials include a fabric box containing pieces of fabrics, wherein a blindfolded student matches the same fabrics using sense of touch. The cylinders were also completed using the sense of touch. There were also books and charts provided to develop sense of sight. The school program includes sensory integration specially for students with signs of sensory integration dysfunction The students were provided with Montessori materials and were given the chance to choose the material that they like to play with. A movement room were provided wherein students were given free choice of play activity Teaching the days of the week and months of the year were presented through an action song and reporting. Main lesson was presented using 4pronged approach Each student is provided an Individualized Educational Program based on his present skills, behaviors and functional needs. The teacher prepares the lessons and presents a day’s activity based on scheduled tasks. The class follows a day’s activity set by the teacher. The children wait for the teacher’s instructions before performing a task. A B C

Comenius, Locke, Use of the senses Pestalozzi, Montessori, Steiner

Free play

Rousseau, Montessori, Dewey, Steiner, Eliot, Hill

Integrated curriculum

Pestalozzi, Steiner

Individualized education

Locke, Peztalozzi, Hill

Teacher-directed instruction


Controlled environment


Riza R. Elica

Reflection Paper


School ECE ECE Figure Evidence A Concept/Theory The children had an action song entitled “Hello, How are You”; they also sang the days of the week and months of the year, as well as their Use of songs, Froebel, graduation song circle time Steiner The children were told by the teacher to sing two songs while she is preparing the board for the next lesson. The children imitate the action of teacher Ana while singing all their action songs The students imitate what the Learning through Steiner teacher does in learning to perform a imitation certain task (e.g. folding a shirt, tidying up the bed) The students placed the word cards on the board the way teacher placed the first few cards. Montessori materials were provided based on the learning capabilities; Use of Rousseau, furniture were child-sized developmentally Peztalozzi, Materials were provided based on appropriate Montessori the child’s present skills, behaviors materials and functional needs Children were given free choice of working materials; Montessori materials were based on the children’s abilities and capabilities Programs were highly individualized based on the child’s skills, behaviors, and functional needs The teacher guides the child in accomplishing a task (e.g. use of the spindle box) related to numbers The teacher guides the student in doing a task such as brushing the teeth, tidying up the bed, washing the plates, etc. B C

Locke, Child-centered Montessori, classroom/school Dewey, Eliot, Hill...
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