Ece 312 Vision, Mission Statment & Philosophy

Topics: Childhood, Maria Montessori, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Montessori based vision, mission statement and philosophy

ECE Program Information
Suzanne Helt
ECE 312
Instructor Garrett Corduan
August 20, 2012

ECE Program Information
The children of today are the adults of tomorrow. It is only right that we give them the best start that we can. In order for them to get the best start, we have to take a look at their needs and formulate a way to give each of them a strong foundation. We do this by creating a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment in which to give them the basis of learning that will carry them throughout their life.

In creating this environment we start with a vision. One such vision is that of an Early Childhood Education program that promotes the success of children through the involvement of parents and professionals in an environment that is geared towards allowing a child to interact with others on their own level in a welcome and supportive atmosphere. The success of such a program is measured in the growth and development of children and their families. This vision is founded in all that we understand that promotes a proper learning environment. One such learning environment was that which was started my Dr Maria Montessori. She believed that such an environment was best for the children in support of their self discovery. I believe that children are smarter than what we give them credit for and that they are capable of learning much more than previous thought. Dr. Maria Montessori was on to something. In the raising of my children I went with my gut instinct and didn’t realize that what I thought of as a natural way of doing things was actually a bona fide method of child development. The next step in developing a good learning environment is the mission statement. This is essential in letting people know what your program is all about. Here is a mission statement that I would stand behind; To encourage our children in...

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