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Topics: Cognition, Knowledge, Mind Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Alyssa Faye L. Gocela Philosophical Analysis III – 33 BS PsychologyT/F 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Reflection Paper No. 1: Knowledge
Knowledge is what is known as opposed to what is not known to a human being. It is the product of thinking or thought, which usually employs or works with concepts, like truth, belief, and wisdom. The definition of knowledge should comply with the prerequisites of a definition and should reflect the nature (or further specifics or descriptors) of knowledge. Therefore the best way to define knowledge is to take an analogy, and use it as a model for defining knowledge. Knowledge is said to be acquired, or created through familiarization, hence what is known is then familiar to us. Familiarity breeds through differentiation and sophistication, and typically works with smaller groups of people who share the same social experience, consisting mostly of the skills and competences of a trade or a profession, and a common language, meaning a vocabulary and the pragmatics of the same, the two basic factors related and associated in defining knowledge. Knowledge is essentially the consciousness of an object, i.e. of any thing, fact, or principle belonging to the physical, mental, or metaphysical order, that may in any manner be reached by cognitive faculties. An event, a material substance, a man, a geometrical theorem, a mental process, the immortality of the soul, the existence and nature of God, may be so many objects of knowledge. Thus knowledge implies the antithesis of a knowing subject and a known object. It always possesses an objective character and any process that may be conceived as merely subjective is not a cognitive process. Any attempt to reduce the object to a purely subjective experience could result only in destroying the fact itself of knowledge, which implies the object, or not-self, as clearly as it does the subject, or self. Truth and certitude are conditions of knowledge. A man...
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