reflection paper

Topics: Critical thinking, Communication, Writing Pages: 4 (1505 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Reflection paper

When I first entered the Cyborg Millennium Class I didn’t really know what to expect.  When I went to the class on the first day on the fall 2008, I got a bit skeptic and I was thinking that maybe it was a bad idea to register to this class, because I thought that this class was for people that liked computers and technology and also that had to know a lot of things that had to do with computers. I certainly wasn’t one of these people that knew a lot about computers or that liked computers very much. I only knew the basic stuff about computers. At the end of the first class I decided to not drop the class, because I found it very interesting and I knew that it was a chance to learn more and to be better in using computers. When professor Sheard talked to us and explained what specifically this class is all about and that we were going to learn not only about computers but also about everything that has to do with the university studies and with the goals of the University Studies, and that we were going to learn about many and different things, then I thought that it was a good choice of class because except from the computer skills that this class would teach me. It also would teach me how to write better essays in English and how to talk fluently the English language. English is my second language and I struggled a bit when I started the University hear. I was anxious and I wanted to learn how to talk better and how to write better. From this class I got what I really wanted. It did not only toughed me how to be better with my English, but also how to be better with my computer skills. When I first registered in the University here and when I started the classes I realized that it is a huge advantage to know how to use the computer in the best possible way. I knew that I was important to use the computer, but I did not know that it was a huge advantage in finding a job. From the first term of the Cyborg Millennium class until the third...
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