Week 1 Journal

Topics: Point, The Point, Worry Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: July 12, 2013
Azad Hyder Khokhar


As a student I have a few strengths. One of my major strengths is my ability to work in a group efficiently, I tend to participate in my group discussions and provide the group with valid points. Coming to the point of resources I got very strong backup from my parents, friends and my teachers. Another one of my strength is that I am a good listener, I listen to everyone’s idea in a group and come up with a final and most suitable idea. The last but not the least strength that I got is my patience and I am never going to leave that in my life.

On the Other hand, I have few of the weaknesses too which sometimes let me down. Coming to the point of managing time when I have multiple tasks to do, I can’t manage time properly among the different tasks at same time. When it comes to personality and character I got some weak points like I am not too brave and always worried about my future, sometimes I am not even felt the success at the current situation by worrying about my future.

During this course, I have a chance to build up my strengths and overcome my weaknesses by working with different groups improving my learning skills, build up my confidence and manage time properly among the tasks which am given and I know if I work hard I will overcome my weaknesses.
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