Reflection Paper #1

Topics: Debut albums, United States, Immigration to the United States, Manufacturing, 2001 albums, 2006 albums / Pages: 3 (585 words) / Published: Feb 22nd, 2013
Janee Love
Geography 1000c

Throughout the day I realized that all the different types of products I use and how each one of the items come different parts of the world. The items that I used and consumed seemed to have come from far parts of the world and from close areas. Since I live on campus all of the beds on campus are made in china, I assume that the reason the beds are produced in China was because they needed a place that could do mass production. I do not believe that the beds that were made in China were made in an ethically manner. In china children create a lot of the things that we use in America, the reason why they use children in China is because children work harder and cheaper than adults. While it is not ethical it is still important to take into consideration that since there are so many people the need for items that we use daily must be fulfilled. The items that were made in the Asian counties were cheaper and seemed to come in a larger quality, compared to the items I have that were made in America. The items that were made in America were of higher quality and seemed to have been made in smaller number than the items in Asia. The clothing and technology I used were made more efficient than the hard bed in my dorm room. I believe the reason the quality is better is because of the labor laws that exist in America. Due to my location in America, there does not have to be a mass manufacturing company sending out items, it could be small company distributing to people all over the states. When it comes to food it is understandable why it is grown in America, when it is for America. I ate a salad and the lettuce came from a farm in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is closer to me when looking at the distance regionally. Produce such, as vegetables have to come closer to my location so that it is fresher and healthy for me to consume. I believe that my items made in America could be made ethically made, but they could also be

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