Reflection on Food Culture

Topics: Scientific method, Qualitative research, Case study Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: March 19, 2011

Food culture has required us a stage for design research method, and knowing background and rationale for the study, finding aims, objectives and expected outcomes. In a sense the research design is a blueprint of research, dealing with at least four problems: what the question to study, what data are relevant, what data we collect and how to analyze the results.

I start everything with a question.

What do I want to achieve?
The purpose of any research study is to address a research problem or question.

Why is the research needed?

We state an argument as to why the research is important. We found that food is not just about taste, but it is a way of connecting people, gathering people eat together, and having enjoyment of food and chatting during a meal, and it is obviously important to our life. We see the generation nowadays, people keep stay in front of computer without any communication. But people can’t live without food, this is really important that food connecting people, so we come up with- Food Sharing. And we have specify the direction, Barbecue is a group activities, the sequences of this makes people closer, that we also know food environment affects lots of our emotion and require different atmosphere, so we start working on through barbecue environment to reflect how people sharing.

What us to be done, on who, how, and where?

We generally include statements about: Case studies, setting and sample, data collection procedures and data analysis procedures. It is so helpful in this section to provide a timeline for each stage of the research with target dates We set case studies as a qualitative research. We did collect past barbecue photos as our first reference. Through pictures to study barbecue environment, people activities, objects and tools they used, people emotion. We also went to Korean barbecue restaurant for self-experience, recording the interior setting, food buffet setting, the environment we sit, how...
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