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Group 4: A journey inside the soul

Last fall I started my Full-time MBA program. I was assigned to a group of five members, including myself. As part of our orientation, our first exercise was to take on a ropes course as a group. This exercise helped us to know more about each other and become more cohesive as we were unfamiliar with each other and meeting for the first time. We came from different backgrounds, different cultures, and different countries, but we shared similar goals. We had members that worked in operations, marketing, finance, and supply chain; some of us never worked in teams, so it was important for us to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and address each.

We agreed as a group to make the most of our experience and try to help each other in achieving our goals. There were two sets of goals that our team worked for. We, as a group, hoped not only to deliver whatever requirements were in the program’s curriculum, but also we aimed to grow as individuals and as a group. It was evident from day one that each member of this team was aiming to excel and becoming distinct from other groups. Our common goal of excelling made it easier for us to find a common ground, and we felt that our goals were attainable as long as we show commitment and dedication. As any group, we had our share of positive and negative experiences that I will shed some light on in this paper. Although our group was highly functional and motivated towards succeeding in achieving our goals, there were few unexplored issues that I hope we work on in the remainder of our tenure.

This paper provides my personal reflection of some behaviors administered by members of my group and myself as well. Those behaviors impacted the functionality and the effectiveness of our team. The first part shall discuss the positive behaviors that I observed from other team members whom I believe had a huge impact on our team. The second part will be a self-evaluation of my behavior in the context of a study group, in particular negative behaviors and how to avoid them in future projects.

One positive behavior that I observed from a couple of our team members on a regular basis is taking the initiative. In my opinion, this was a significant factor in our success as a group last quarter, and it taught me how to perceive my self and others in order to identify strengths and weaknesses and how vital it is to be proactive within a group. On several occasions throughout the last quarter, those two members launched new initiatives that led to changes in the way we tackle things as a group and the way we approach problems. This proactive behavior helped us to avoid some problems that we might have faced before they even occurred. Some problems like working under pressure when deadlines are imminent or doing repetitive work were avoided as both of those members anticipated them in advance and pointed out how to avoid such problems.

Those two members’ actions were usually consistent with our goals as a group, and I believe that we helped them become proactive by allowing them to take the initiative and not squandering their efforts. Their ideas were usually listened to carefully and we allowed them to try it. Also if mistakes were made, it was never held against them so we don’t close the window on takinf the initiative in the future, whether from their side or any other group member. It is the same concept as “reward” and “punishment” that was discussed in class; as any other behavior, proactive behavior if rewarded it will flourish and if punished or blamed it will be discouraged. The difference in our case is that the “reward” was being listened to or appreciating the effort, and the “punishment” was blaming them for making mistakes.

Although our team never had an assigned leader, but usually those members who took the initiative assumed the role of leadership by default. This was another enlightening...
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