Reflect Ob the Importance of a Child Centred Approach in the Early Years Setting

Topics: Developmental psychology, Reggio Emilia approach, Intelligence Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: November 13, 2011
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Growing Places (2011) informs us “The Child Centered Approach promotes the right of the child to choose, make connections and communicate. It allows freedom for children to think, experience, explore, question and search for answers. It presents a creative celebration of children's work”

In child centered settings, children commence their own learning by choosing activities that interest them such as construction/sand play. They work in independent manners to discover their potential. Furthermore, child centered learning permits students to work in ways that complement their various learning styles. As Howard Gardner proved through research, children learn in many diverse ways and no one method is appropriate for all students in classrooms. Gardner, H (1983) “The types of intelligence that a person possesses, not only a person’s capabilities, but also the manner or method in which they prefer to learn and develop their strengths - and also to develop their weaknesses”

A child centered approach is additionally imperative as it’s been confirmed through research to produce greater long term results compared to other methods, plus significantly improving social/emotional development ensuring children gain high self-esteem. Hersh, R (2009) states that “...child centered learning during early childhood produces greater long-term results than traditional programs. These studies also show that child-centered learning produces significant social and emotional developments”

The child centered approach has limitations, activities such as trips, cooking and story activities will require adults to take the lead, Beaver, M (2008:214) “There will always be some aspects of the provision in which adults will need to take the lead”. This is because the safety of children will always remain paramount regardless of the approach in use. Also as all children come from different backgrounds and are brought up in different ways, Ispring Solutions...

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