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Romanticism Project Reflection
Our recent group presentations on American Literature isms went well as a whole in my opinion. My groups’ ism was Romanticism, which was an interesting ism to research. My role in our group was to assemble the PowerPoint and make sure all the content was included correctly. This assignment was rather simple and, at least for my group, wasn’t that much of a “group” assignment.

Putting together the PowerPoint, finding the definition and authors was a large task to take on because the PowerPoint was the main part of the presentation. I think I did a good job assembling the PowerPoint and finding my parts. Next time it would be better if all the group members had exactly what they wanted on the slides and not just vague statements or examples to put on the PowerPoint. I believe that I did a good job at making sure that the PowerPoint was done on time and correctly with the right amount of important information.

I think as a whole my group should of work together more and not done everything so independently. Our whole presentation was done separately and everyone did their own part, but no one knew the other persons part or what they were working on. On presentation day it was every ones’ first time seeing the PowerPoint and it was hard to determine who would read each part because they hadn’t seen it before. It would have been a better presentation of the PowerPoint had been looked at by everyone in the group before we presented.

I learned that group projects can be a challenge because there are multiple people and you have to have faith that everyone will have their parts completed on time so that everything could go as planned. When one person in your group is gone on presentation day it can be stressful but if they let the group know in advance its very helpful. I believe the main problem in our group is that no one communicated with each other, we were all very quiet, and didn’t talk about what we were putting in to...
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