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Going into the beginning of the semester I can honestly say I was not that ready to take the course, Logic Circuits. Fast forward, five months later, and I’m happy to say I took the course and learned more and more each day. Not only did I learn new things, but was able to apply what I had been studied in my previous related subjects. The objective of this course was to broaden our logical thinking skills and reasoning skills by introducing different types of topics behind the course. It was just as much important to learn about the different methods of logical thinking, as it was to learn how to build on the feedback received from the peer reviews we had for every paper. The most helpful part for me was being able to catch the topics well, even if I fail the quizzes and exams. I even improved my technical skill. This semester has affected my technical skills in a good way because I have learned various things. In project making (which is the most challenging part) there are many things, tricks you have to remember in order to make the project. I have learned about different objectives like designing diagrams and testing the schematic, comparing the breadboard making in the PCB design. I understand that we (students) may need this course in life someday.  An easy part in Logic class was learning, when I got to this class (Engr. Mogol’s) I quickly adapted and felt comfortable enough to ask questions and for help Engr. Mogol has a great way of teaching students because he makes it fun while learning. I feel like I’ve learned a lot this semester. This class is exactly what I expected it to be; a lot of students described it as a very fun class not because it is funny. But because, it is fun to learn. The hardest / challenging part of class was when we had to take our quizzes and explain / verifying the results. What made this hard was that we would get nervous and be scared of messing up on the answer sheets. The second hardest part was seeing the results of the...
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